Welcome to TAKARAZZI. Presented here for you is a carefully curated selection of handmade products, mainly from designer MIEKO MINTZ, with a focus on uniqueness.

Officially founded in 2020 by Takako Harkness, takarazzi has come a long way since the first seeds of the idea began in NYC back in 2005.

When Taka first started out, her passion for photography exposed her to the charms of New York City and many of its more illustrious inhabitants.  In addition to commissioned works as a professional photographer, she would also collect more personal, behind-the-scenes images.  These had much more personal interest for Ms. Harkness, and were the original content of takarazzi.com.

A relationship developed with fashion designer Mieko Mintz.  Mintz's handmade, wearable art was revealed to Taka in all its glory.  Taka was inspired to combine her friendships, these stunning one-of-a-kind garments, and her love of the web-based social environment.  We now have takarazzi.com.

Our customers are worldwide, though mainly in the NYC area and Taka's origins in Tokyo, Japan.

We hope you enjoy our ever developing products and story as much as we enjoy offering them to you. Please feel free to share your experiences with us here, or on our other social media platforms. 



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